Garbage and Recycling – June 2020 reminders

June 2020
To:  All Sammamish Bluffs Residents
From: Jeremy Watkins, SBHOA Resident Manager

Garbage and Recycling

Unfortunately, we continue to have issues with our garbage and recycling bins.  Often, some of the garbage and recycling bins are overflowing days before our scheduled pick up day.  To help control this issue, the Board and I are asking for your help.  Your support by following the below rules and guidelines will be greatly appreciated.


  • Dumpsters are for normal household garbage only.
  • Do not use the dumpsters for disposal of remodeling or construction debris. Garbage from remodeling must be hauled off either by the contractor or the homeowner/resident.
  • Large items, such as furniture of any type including, but not limited to -chairs, desks, sofas, lamps, mattresses, TVs; bicycles;  appliances of any type, including but not limited to microwaves, toaster ovens, etc.; carpets, pet crates, should be donated or taken to the garbage dump by the resident.
  • If the dumpster closest to you is full, please take your garbage to the next nearest dumpster.
  • Please do NOT leave bags of trash in front of dumpsters. In addition to looking bad, it attracts rodents and pests.  Again, if the dumpster or recycling bin nearest you is full, please take it to another container.
  • Violators of the above may be subject to fines.


  • Items that can generally be recycled include:
    • Paper/Cardboard: Flattened cardboard, office paper, envelopes, mail, magazines, mixed paper, newspaper, paper bags, paper cups, phone books and paperback books, wapping paper (non-metallic), paper cartons, juice boxes
    • Plastic: Plastic, food containers & trays, clear or colored plastic milk jugs, dairy tubs, pill bottles (no prescription vials), plastic cups, lids (3 inches or wider), plastic plant pots
    • Metal: Aluminum cans, Aluminum foil & pie tins (clean), tin cans
    • Glass: Bottles, jars
  • Cardboard boxes need to be broken down, and potentially folded, so that they fit within the blue recycle containers.
  • If you want to bring multiple recyclables to the blue bins, they should be in paper bags. Plastic garbage bags are not approved for placement in the blue containers.

You can find more recycling information at

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