Bi-annual Deck Inspections

Deck inspections are completed twice a year by the Board, in April and October. A notice will be posted a week before each inspection to give homeowners and residents an opportunity to clean their deck and adhere to the handbook. All violators will be notified of any infractions and given a week’s notice to comply.

Please read your handbook for details of what is allowed on your deck/patio.

Expired Tabs

With COVID-19 causing a lot of residents to work from home, we understand that vehicle owners have delayed updating their tabs; however, all vehicles must be operational with current tabs to park on the property. Notices will be given to vehicle owners that have expired tabs and may be subject to towing if not renewed.

Please read your handbook for clarification.

New Parking Program

Effective March 1st, the Board implemented a new parking program which offers a permit sticker and visitor hang tag for each unit, homeowner and resident. This system was established to offset all parking abuse, especially visitor parking issues that have been an ongoing problem throughout the complex. We strongly encourage all homeowners and residents to use your permit stickers and visitor parking hang tags as instructed to help bring an end to our parking issues.

All deeded parking stalls are encouraged to have permit stickers placed on their vehicles. All rental parking stalls are required to have permit stickers placed on their vehicles. Visitor hang tags are also required for all overnight visitor parking.

If you have yet to receive a permit sticker or visitor hang tag, please contact your Resident Manager.

Please read your handbook to get acquainted with the new parking program.

COVID-19 Update

On March 22nd, King County entered Phase 3 which allows 50% occupancy for public services and use. Unfortunately, the Board has decided to keep the pool/cabana closed until we enter Phase 4.

If you have any questions, please contact your Resident Manager.

Update on Closures Due to Coronavirus/Covid 19

May 22, 2020
To:  All Homeowners/Residents
From:  Sammamish Bluffs Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors

Update on Closures Due to Corona Virus/Covid 19

As we continue to work our way through the challenges of doing our part to help ensure the safety and well-being of our homeowners and residents, the Board has been discussing the rules and guidelines for our on-site recreational resources.   Below is an update on those items:

Pool Closure
The pool will remain closed until further notice.  We recognize that State guidelines currently suggest that outdoor recreational facilities can potentially open sometime during Phase 3 of Washington’s Phased Approach to re-opening the State.  However, there is planning and preparation for a phased opening of the pool that will need to occur, and we cannot begin that planning and prep work until guidelines from King County are released.  We understand that the pool is a favorite pastime for residents during the summer, and we apologize for the inconvenience.  However, we ask that you do your part to help keep yourselves and your neighbors safe by being patient while we work through issues that have never had to address before now.

Cabana Closure
The Cabana will continue to remain closed until at least Phase 3.  As with the pool, we anticipate specific rules and guidelines will be issued for the opening of venues/meeting spaces.  Once those are available, the Board will need to determine how to move forward with the opening of the Cabana.  We anticipate that, at a minimum, there will be new cleaning guidelines for both the renter/homeowner and the Association that will need to be followed.  There may also be additional rental fees to cover the costs related to re-opening the Cabana for event rental.

Tennis Court and Play Area
Unfortunately, as with the above, the Tennis Court and the Play Area will remain closed until at least Phase 3.  We will re-open those areas when guidelines from the State and King County are released and once we have had time to put measures into place to implement the re-opening.

In the meantime, it has been brought to our attention that while children are not using the Play Area, there are some adults that are continuing to use the area as part of their exercise routine.  Please note:  The Play Area is closed to BOTH children and adults.  It should not be in use by anyone, for any reason, at this time.  This includes the benches around the play area.

We understand that the above is inconvenient and frustrating.  We appreciate your continued cooperation as we all work to keep each other safe and healthy.

If you have questions or concerns you can email them to Jeremy at or to Property Concepts at

Thank you.