Sammamish Bluffs

Welcome to Sammamish Bluff's New Website!


In order to contribute towards Sammamish Bluff's friendly and responsive community, is here to serve. Run on a volunteer basis by members of the community; community contributions, suggestions and participation are encouraged. In its initial form hopes to bring convenience, and a local friendly venue for the community to interact, express needs and concerns, get together for events, and when necessary, vote on issues vital for the smooth operation, and continued high living standard we have come to enjoy here at Sammamish Bluffs.

Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group is a great place to let your neighbors know you have excess items you would like to sell or give away, to express security concerns, to ask for a "babysitter", or find that extra member for your book club. It is also an opportunity to volunteer assistance to some of our older or handicapped residents that could use an occasional helping hand.

Vote From Home

Many of our Condominium Owners have not been able to attend our Association meetings to make their voices heard on vital issues directly impacting important financial and functional decisions our Board members currently face to run our Association in a responsive manner. This places an undue burden on our Board who must then make major decisions on behalf of the Association in the absence of a consensus.

Voting from Home is a great new feature that will allow all our condominium owners an extended secure and more convenient way of voting on issues vital to the management, maintenance, security, and wellbeing of our buildings, grounds, and community. Each unit owner will have only one vote per survey, verified by their unit number assigned ID number. Results will continually update as votes are placed, and cumulative results at the time of your vote, emailed directly to survey partcipants. Survey deadlines and final results will be published on our site along with each survey; all within a secure environment that guarantees the integrity of your vote.

We are requesting that ALL condominium owners sign up with your email address for our "Community Notifications" to stay up to date on when your votes are being requested, be able to download important documents (rather than expensive mailers) and other Sammamish Bluffs issues. We take your privacy seriously and will not be sending unnecessary emails, you will be able to select the types of emails you wish to receive.